Summer is a designer and artist based in Seattle. Currently at The Henry and in her daydreams. ︎ 


This is, without a doubt, a pleasant place

Risograph printed zine with blue and black ink

The first version of this story was written and published in 2018 for APAture’s Book Arts Showcase put on by Kearny Street Workshop in San Francisco, an arts organization dedicated to highlighting the work of Asian Pacific American artists. It’s a story about my early family life, journey to this country, and the intergenerational legacy and impact of past decisions that my family has made (for better or for worse). It’s a container of contradictory feelings and an attempt to hold them all.

In 2023, I decided to re-publish this zine and give it more context because the story is so core to my understanding of myself, where I come from. It is currently on view at Michelle Thomas Fine Art Gallery + Studio in San Francisco.

Printed at ANEMONE