Summer is a designer and artist based in Seattle. Currently at The Henry and in her daydreams. ︎ 



SOFT POWER (2019-2020) was the first large contemporary art exhibition at SFMOMA. As the lead designer on this show, I conceptualized the exhibition identity and produced the graphics throughout all touchpoints including the title wall graphics, gallery didactics, street pole banners, onsite marketing banners, digital ads, print marketing, invitation, and museum store products.
Creative Director: Bosco Hernandez
Lead Designer: Summer Li
Designer: Omar Mohammad
Exhibitions: Sarah Choi


The gradient represents a confluence of ideas, mediums, stories, and range by the artists and artworks in SOFT POWER. They are not explicitly linked together by any theme, but threads inevitably emerge by association and through their proximity in the galleries. In addition, a strong visual graphic was needed to tie it all together and to market the exhibition because one, it was a group show without a particular “main” piece/artist to market, and two, we did not have prior photography as many of the works were new commissions and/or made in situ. 

The use of negative space in the on-site banners directly relate to the open floor plan for the exhibition—we knocked down most of the temporary walls. It also invites visitors to come as they are and have an open dialogue with the art.


Museum Store Products

To accompany the run of the show, I designed a suite of products for the SFMOMA Museum Store including a very sturdy tote bag, two t-shirt designs, and a notebook, all branded with the exhibition identity. The tote bag was a favorite.


An exhibition would not be complete if not for the external vendors whom I work with on a near daily basis. Below are some on-the-ground photos of the weeks leading up to the opening of the exhibition.