Summer is a designer and artist based in Seattle. Currently at The Henry and in her daydreams. ︎ 


Just a Dream: Kandi Archives 2007–2011

5.5” x 5.5”
Digitally printed pages spiral bound with the neon yellow coil
Printed and bound by @hemlockprinters in Vancouver in April 2023 (Rita 🙏🏼)

I created this little book with the launch of superlychee and debuted it at Seattle Art Book Fair earlier this year. It showcases my personal kandi collection from the many raves and electronic music events that I attended when I was much younger. I’ve been looking for them in the last few years, thought I had lost it forever until my mom texted me one day telling me she found it stuffed in a random cabinet at her house.

A lot of the bracelets had unraveled already so I knew I needed to document what was left. The project seemed fun and also important. It has helped me remember, process, and embrace those formative years of my youth—realizing how much of it has shaped my taste and lifestyle since. I also hope the book gives a glimpse into rave culture in the late aughts/early 2010s.

Featuring a written piece in there by my dear friend @joycezorz, who was raving with me from the beginning. So glad this book is out in the world and can’t wait to show it again at the next book or zine fair!