Summer is a designer and artist based in Seattle. Currently at The Henry and in her daydreams. ︎ 


SFMOMA Mini Mural Festival Identity

The inaugural Mini Mural Festival at SFMOMA took place in the summer of 2021 spanning three separate weekends. For each of the three weekends, the museum partnered with a local Bay Area arts organization and invited them to each paint a 8’ x 8’ canvas.
Creative Director: Bosco Hernandez
Designers: Summer Li, Rokaya Shenasa

Lockup Concept

The main lockup of the festival’s identity was inspired by the location where the festival took place—an entrance which has a huge staircase. When we stacked the festival name together together, it serendipitously created a stair shape.

The lowercase “i”s contrasts with the all caps letters to evoke the mini-ness of the event. In addition, the three squares that dotted the “i”s represents the three different canvas murals, the three weekends, and the three orgs.

Color Palette

The colors for the identity were directly taken from the logos of the partner organizations, combined into a single palette. The palette represents the coming together of these three organizations for the festival. Each color was assigned to the promotion of the weekend during which that respective organization painted its mural.